About Us

DirectEvents.net is a new website designed to culminate only the important computer-related news. We have found there are an insane amount of news available from multiple sources. However, only a select few of that news is really important to the reader. Our goal is to become a source for tech news, but only the important news, the news that pertains directly to the user. This is an ambitious goal and with only a few writers on board, may take some time. However, we believe that with a more moderate pace of publication, we can save efforts to only publish the news that matters.

On top of updates in the tech industry, our articles may also contain opinions regarding the new technologies and how they may pertain to you as a reader and consumer. We want readers to feel more in line with the tech of today and understand where the industry is headed and what it means for consumers everywhere. We hope our articles are informative, entertaining, and useful.