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As teenagers, we would have loved to do anything to get a job that would pay us for video gaming. It still may not be the same completely but you can still apply for and become an employee of the video game industry. Other than the obvious job of game testing, there are other fields and vacancies in the industry that you can easily opt for. The most part of this industry is involved and totally devoted to bringing the thrill and excitement in your lives by designing top class and unmatched quality games. Here, we will talk about some of the career possibilities that you can easily opt for being in the gaming industry.

  1. A video game clerk

No matter if you plan on working permanently or temporarily, working as a video game clerk has a lot of advantages of its own. The employees in this job will have complete access to get the first copy of all the video games built by that company, including gaming systems as well. You will get to know about all the latest updates and hots of the video gaming industry much before than anyone else does. All the expensive and overpriced video games and gaming system will be offered with a discount to all game clerks. You will almost certainly need a degree in either journalism or marketing for this job. A few years of experience will also be needed as well as a steady path of promotion for the most popular game magazines today (Game Informer, IGN, etc).

  1. Game tester

Not to forget this is the most exciting and wonderful job we all had loved to do. All you have to do in this job is to play video games and analyze them. Before a video game is launched in the market it goes through various testing and thinking to avoid various kinds of bugs or errors that might occur in the game. You require a bit of inside help to become a gaming tester. But when you become one you will have the knowledge of each and every gaming aspects that no one else has any knowledge about. Also, you will be given chances to make likely changes to the games after testing it. You’ll need a degree in journalism and several years of experience.

  1. Game developer

Having creative and great imaginary skills is the correct way to get into the designing business. You need to work really well on your programming as well as imagination, placing the right characters that might catch the fancy of everyone. Also, there is a need to learn the graphics if you are interested in becoming a video game developer. The process is a bit typical as it involves learning and working a bit hard on all your coding skills. But once you get used to it and expertise in the field it is obviously an easy cup of tea. This job is so diverse that a variety of degrees as well as experience will be able to land you a job. These include degrees in graphic design, computer science, computer engineering, etc.

  1. Game critic

There is always the requirement of the high quality and first-class gaming content, these are meant to create awareness and provide knowledge and information to people about the gaming. If you have great writing skills and also some knowledge about the gaming world this is the clear-cut option for you to choose as a living, as there is a constant requirement of writers who can write the quality content for gaming magazines and popular websites. A degree in marketing or journalism will be needed if you are writing for a company. However, setting up your own tech blog should be good enough to put your foot in the door of video game journalism.

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