Different Types Of Video Gaming

All of us love playing video games and even the thought of it when we’re out make us want to come back home just to put in a few hours. But it also has a lot to offer beyond just entertainment. It is not only able to offer us that kind of excitement and fun but they also have a lot of other benefits to provide. With advancement that is brought in the gaming industry recently, there is a lot it has in store to offer us.  The various categories that video gaming has been divided into are.

  1. Action

These games are known to be fast and may contain a lot of violence occasionally or on purpose. These games clearly fall under the category of the mature rated games and are inappropriate for the kids. But they make for excellent entertainment options for that adrenaline rush.

  1. Adventure and role-playing

These do not have as high quality and good graphics as most action games do but they are also known to the player for their fantasy worlds and into surrealism. These games contain normal violence levels, not as intense as is found in the action games. Playing adventure games is a story in itself, and it transports you into a completely new world. Great all time examples include The Elder Scrolls series or The Legend of Zelda.

  1. First person shooters

In this game, there exists the normal use of pistol and rifles to kill down the opponents. The player playing the game sees it through the eyes of the person he or she is playing. There is a lot of violence in these kinds of games and obviously, these are also not considered to be appropriate for the kids in any case. These games also fall under the category of the Mature-rated ones. These games are excellent choices if you’re someone that wants to feel engaged in the game from the first person perspective. Games like Battlefield One or Call of Duty: WWII really make you feel a part of the battles.

  1. Construction and management simulation (CMS)

These games are basically meant to enhance your management skills. In such type of games you are given very few resources and you have to manage, build and expand all your territory and the imaginary projects in that part of the time. These management factors are great for those that love to handle every aspect of the game, from large scale resource management to small scale operations.

  1. Strategy

These games build in or develop your strategy skills. Rather than being full of violence and killing, these are a tad bit slower and are meant to give proper time to the players for all the strategic thinking they need to do. They have to all in this individual game including the strategic thinking, victory planning and the resource management in these types of games. There can be a bit of violence in these gaming options as most of the ones available under this category are mostly the warfare games. You have a few options within the strategy genre as well. Most games are turn-based but some are also real-time based strategy games. Video games like Dawn of War III are examples of RTS games, while others like Civilization 6 are examples of turn-based strategy games.

  1. Simulation

These games are mostly based on the real world and stimulate the real situation under the gaming influence. There are various types of games available under this category including the racing simulator, Sims, and the flight simulator. There are a variety of gaming options that are available to you under this category of gaming.

Bottom Line

The above mentioned are all the types of video gaming available but other than that we also have a lot of different categories to offer the puzzles, sports games, platformer and many more. This video game selection can be easily done based on your taste and requirement accordingly,

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